6 Simple Ways YOU Can Help Change the Course of Clothing for a Cleaner Planet (Guest Post)

Guest Post!: About the Author

Louise Mcguill is a freelance copywriter specialising in personality-rich, conversational copy. Her passion lies in helping planet-loving brands catapult their reach, increase engagement and build communities through the power of words. Her mission is to ensure consumers see and hear the voices of brands that are ‘doing good’, brands that are sustainable and that are striving for circularity in the textile world. 
Find out how Louise can help you ‘shout about’ what makes your brand THE go-to brand by visiting www.louisemcopy.com or connecting on Linkedin.

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You’re probably ahead of me with this, but I just found out how much clothing and textile waste there is in the world and my brain is about to explode!

Brand new clothes — still with tags on — festering in landfills.

Fast fashion fogging the brains of consumers.

Social media users not daring to wear an entire outfit more than once if they’ve been photographed in it. 

And this…

A rubbish truck full of textiles is landfilled or incinerated globally every second… You read that right: EVERY. SECOND.

A little peek at the reality of where a lot of fast fashion items and unwanted clothes ultimately end up.

This probably isn’t what you’re expecting to read next but…hands up – I’m actually sat staring at my bursting drawers and stuffed wardrobe littered with clothing and accessories which I admit include fast fashion brands, items that have been redundant for many years or worse still- still have tags on. 


Take a step back.

Take a breath.

And, breath.

Yes, you too may well have some of these things in your possession (I see you looking around your wardrobe)…

Let’s face it, the link between purchasing and clothing waste hasn’t always been at the forefront of everyone’s minds and still isn’t for some.

Don’t fret.

There is a lot that needs to be done to ensure consumers (you and I included) take some responsibility for steering the course of clothing away from landfill. 

So, where do we start? 

👉With purposeful and consistent education. 

Now, I’m not talking about shaming or blaming. Nor am I talking about lecturing, because none of these would work long-term. 

I’m talking education – providing consumers with knowledge and skills so they can begin to take their own actions.

Because knowledge really is power. 

By education I mean fresh Actions and Opportunities.

Actions that individuals can make today.

Actions that brands and businesses can make.

Actions that are accessible to all.

Actions that no matter how small, can and will impact positively on the environment. 

A lot of your current actions come from habit.

Habits created over years and years.

Mostly influenced through those around you and role models- doing what they have always done without really consciously thinking. 

Habits can be difficult to untangle, but it is possible. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Image by Hans from Pixabay 

 Ever found yourself:

🤔buying a new outfit for a big night out. 

🤔Rejecting that dress because you wore it to a wedding at the beginning of the year so need something new for this one.

🤔justifying your purchasing because you’ve been working hard so you deserve to treat yourself…(remember those boots you just HAD to have which are now sat collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe because the first time you wore them you walked like Bambi on ice and had shin splints for a week after…and the list goes on)

Relate to any of this?

Imagine the impact on the planet (and your bank balance) if you took one action…now imagine if that doubles to two and so on. 

Statistics are important, because mostly they are shocking and raise our awareness and attention to said topics! However, if any change is going to happen, ACTIONS are the powerhouse.

So here are some to start you off. 

And, the great news is these ACTIONS are: 


Cost nothing.

Can be started immediately.

And bonus, they could even save you some well-needed extra money.

Your actions do count. 

So let’s make them positive.

6 Simple Ways YOU Can Help Change the Course of Clothing for a Cleaner Planet

  1. Make purchasing brand-new clothes your last resort!
  1. Take everything out of your wardrobe, drawers and closets – reorganise it… and fall back in love with the clothes you already have. 
  1. If you do need to purchase something (new or preloved), spend five minutes researching ethical/sustainable or circular clothing brands who are, where possible, using natural materials BEFORE you add them to your basket.
  1. Challenge yourself to limit your purchasing- eg this year I’m only going to buy 5 items of clothing maximum…( to be even more successful, write down what it is and when you will need to purchase it).
  1. Talk positively about clothing choices and their impact to anyone who will listen…*don’t preach…you’ll lose them as a friend.
  1. If you’re active on social media, make a point of wearing the same clothes in pictures and videos and point it out in your captions. Everyone needs to know it’s ok AND NORMAL to wear clothes again and again.

*if you’re not posting on social media, this still counts for you. In your day-to-day life – at the office or when going out to an event, repeat your outfits. Once again – it is ok to wear clothes again and again. Don’t shy away from it – point it out to people. 

Remember the most environmentally sustainable clothes are the ones you already own 

It’s not rocket science is it?

These actions aren’t unachievable. 

They’re not even ground-breaking….

But they could work…

Are These Small Changes Really Going to Make an Impact?

As they stand, if just one person in the world did it, then the impact would be pretty insignificant. 

Imagine though if you’re the first person to kick-start this revolution…imagine if you inspire someone else to make a change. Now imagine, if they went on and inspired someone… the beginning of a chain reaction. 

This is how change happens and this is how we as a collective can impact and change the course of clothing for our planet. 

So, What’s Your Action Going to Be? 

So, are you going to roll up your sleeves? (That phrase has more than one meaning in this instance!) Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Got any you would add?

It’d be great to hear about your progress.

For now, I’m climbing into my wardrobe and getting started with Action 2.

Let’s do this. 💪

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